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Secure Your Organization with Disaster Recovery and
Business Continuity

This solution is based on the principle of restarting your services under predetermined conditions (RPO: the amount of data allowed to be lost at the time of the disaster) and (RTO: The amount of time before restarting the systems after the disaster) durations in the event of a disaster in your data center. In case of natural disasters such as crypto lockers, cyber-attacks, fire, earthquake, power outage, air conditioning system failure, or platform (main storage system, SAN system, computing systems) failures that prevent your services from running in the data center (in cases where the service cannot go on using business continuity solutions), the service is provided temporarily through the disaster recovery center in accordance with the RPO and RTO requirements.

What Does Disaster Recovery Offer?

A disaster recovery center should be designed in a way that combines more than one solution to create an integrated system tailored to the needs of each service. Thus, in case of any malfunction (i.e. caused by fire, user error, etc.) of services that are critical for companies, zero or near-zero interruption and zero data loss can be ensured and operation can be maintained without the need for an intervention. As part of this solution, your organization's disaster recovery policies and disaster recovery plans are documented by ISO 27031 standards.

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What are the Benefits of Disaster Recovery?

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Ready-to-Use Packages

At Eclit, solutions can be designed specifically for you depending on your business needs, your services' criticality level, and system requirements in case of failure, as well as offered as a ready-made package. You can start using them right away after purchase. Eclit also stands out with its flexibility to expand and narrow down the package according to the specific needs.

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Unrivalled RTO and RPO Values

Thanks to Eclit Disaster Recovery, you can resume your work in no later than 15 minutes. With our technology, your data loss drops to almost zero depending on your internet access speed. Eclit's secure infrastructure enables you to clone any system you wish without the need for additional hardware.

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24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Support

You can contact us anytime you need, 24/7. Unlike Call Centers, you will receive 2nd level support from our specialist engineers without having to wait. You no longer need specialized personnel for disaster recovery and business continuity.

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80% More Cost-Effective

Using Eclit, you can pay as you use for resources needed for testing purposes or when you experience a disaster. You don't have to pay for a resource that you don't use.

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Easy to Testr

Eclit undertakes all technological infrastructure requirements for disaster recovery and business continuity. You can always test the disaster scenario prepared for you.

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Complies with International Standards

Eclit Disaster Recovery solution complies with ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 27031 certificates and international standards.

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