Infrastructure as a Service


Focus on Your Own Business While
Your Infrastructure is Managed by an Expert

We reduce the complexity of traditional IT infrastructures and help you lower your costs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the provision of the computing infrastructure you need for your business by Eclit as a service managed over the internet.

What Does Infrastructure as a Service Offer?

Thanks to IaaS, which allows you to pay as much as you use like all other cloud technologies, you can instantly increase and decrease the computing resources you need. It helps you eliminate the unforeseen high costs and complexity of purchasing and managing a data center infrastructure and a physical server for your business. In Eclit Cloud, all the resources you need are provided as a component of the service you receive under IaaS. Thus, you can only use what you need for as long as you need them.

With IaaS, Eclit provides resources not only to your systems running on the cloud but also to your organization's system room when it is necessary. Unlike ordinary cloud providers, Eclit monitors and manages the entire IaaS structure 24/7 with its cutting-edge system engineering, expertise and experience. Thus you can focus on the software and applications you need for your business and use your resources much more efficiently.

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IT Infrastructure as a Servise

What are the Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service ?

IT Düşük maliyet

Lowers your costs Eliminate the high costs required to set up and manage an on-premises data center. Quickly initiate the IT projects your business need, using Eclit Cloud's resources suitable for your various needs.

IT iş sürekliliği

Improves your business continuity

Building a structure to support the business continuity and disaster management in your business's data center is not easily accessible as it requires high technologies and expert human resources. With Eclit IaaS, you can improve your business continuity and disaster management plans by creating a service level agreement (SLA) that meets your needs.

Global IT Danışmanlığı

Ensures compliance with global standards

In Eclit Cloud, your data is stored within the borders of the country in accordance with PDPL, all laws and regulations, and global standards. Using Eclit IaaS, you can quickly obtain ISO 270001 Information Security and ISO 9001 Quality Management compliances required for your business without making large investments. (Offering services at international standards (ISO, PMI, ITIL) ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 45001).

IT ihtiyaç

Offers fast solutions for your changing business needs

With Eclit IaaS, you can find fast, flexible and high-performance IT resources for your organization's seasonal needs and continue working with your usual resources when necessary. Thus, you use all your resources efficiently and don't have to invest in resources that you don't use.

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