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Use Virtualization to Put an End to Installation,
Management, Maintenance, Continuity, Flexibility, Cost and Budgeting Issues

Virtualization is a term that refers to multiple operating systems running by sharing the same physical hardware resources. Virtualization systems prevent the user from accessing physical system resources directly by creating a logical layer between the user and hardware. It increases efficiency and lowers IT expenses for enterprises of different scales while minimizing the overall cost by helping make full use of available resources.

What Does Virtualization and System Setup Offer?

Virtualization is defined as creating a virtual version of a computing resource, such as storage units, servers or operating systems. Eclit's Virtualization and System Setup service helps organizations focus on their main business without having to worry about their infrastructure, and enables them to save money and time. With its experience and knowledge of more than 20 years in this field, Eclit offers businesses a reliable business partnership model for information technologies services.

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What are the Benefits of Virtualization and System Setup?

Manage your infrastructures at lower costs

Thanks to Eclit's Virtualization and System Setup service, you can use multiple servers, which are commissioned in line with your increasing computing power and storage space needs, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Run multiple operating systems on the same hardware

With Eclit's Virtualization and System Setup service, you can run multiple operating systems you use in your system on common hardwares. Thus, you can make use of your existing equipment most effectively and continue to use your outdated equipment efficiently.

Save energy

Thanks to virtualization and system setup, you save substantial energy especially on your servers. You can reduce energy and system installation costs, and use this amount to invest in other areas.

Operating system update

If you activate virtualization also on your operating system, you can run old software and overcome the platform support issue. You can run files that have a virus risk without risking your actual machine and operating system, and also have the chance to try new software, updates and integrations without putting your actual system at risk.

Save time

Installing physical systems and servers is a time-consuming task. It may take days to create an order, wait for the products to be shipped and set up, and to install the necessary operating system and software. However, virtualization makes it possible to start the installation in minutes and saves businesses time.

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