Break Free From The Workload Created by Backup Jobs

Organizations spend a substantial amount of time to ensure backup procedures are applied correctly, process and resolve backup errors and also make sure that the backups will work. Since data is the most valuable asset of enterprises and backing it up is a very important process, the backup procedure should be monitored with professional monitoring tools and system experts working 24/7, and errors should be intervened immediately.

What Does Veeam Cloud Backup Offer?

At startup

If you don't have an existing backup infrastructure or want to start over with a clean slate by updating the existing one, Eclit will make it easier for you.

  • Adapting backup policies to Best Practices
  • Creating virtual machine local backup tasks
  • Installation of backup software
  • Creating physical machine local backup tasks
  • Creating an off-site backup infrastructure
  • Updating backup software

During operation

Eclit offers a proactive, end-to-end and 24/7 monitoring and management of your organization's backup environment with both hardware and software components, freeing IT units from a significant daily operational load and ensuring the backed-up data is available when needed. Thanks to the expert operational management strategy implemented by ITIL practices, the service quality is always maintained at the highest level.

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of backup data storage device and management of storage area
  • Tracking deduplication rates
  • 24/7 monitoring of backup software
  • 24/7 monitoring of local and remote backup tasks
  • Instant remote intervention in case of any issues
  • Active Directory object-based backup and restore
  • Microsoft Exchange object-based backup and restore
  • Share Point object-based backup and restore
  • Microsoft SQL server object-based backup and restore
  • Analysis of backup times
  • Fault management for the backup data storage device
  • Backup software license management
  • Solution of any issues that may arise in backup operations
  • Management of the calls sent to the manufacturer for backup software
  • Performing restores from backups in case of a problem
  • Maintaining data integrity with periodic backup restore tests
  • Oracle object-based backup and restore
  • File-based backup and restore


As part of the managed services provided by Eclit, you will receive a detailed operating report prepared by the service management and quality unit every month. These regular reports including both executive details and elaborate technical information make your backup infrastructure extremely transparent and manageable. Thus, you can make all the necessary improvements before any problem occurs, and not waste your resources on unnecessary investments.

What are the Advantages of Veeam Cloud Backup?

You eliminate the operational burden of the backup process.

You make sure that your backups are taken correctly.

The restore process is managed on your behalf.

Restore tests are carried out on your behalf.

Your entire system is proactively monitored 24/7.



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