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With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve high performance without making their customers wait.

One of the largest public software companies and one of the most valuable IT brands in Turkey, Logo cooperates with Eclit in cloud computing. Logo has been one of the leading companies in the sector since its establishment in 1984. It offers application software solutions for companies of various sizes, ranging from micro-businesses to large corporate enterprises. Logo's ecosystem hosts 5,000 people all over the country, with nearly 1,200 employees and more than 800 business partners.

“We choose our business partners according to Logo's growing structure.”

Logo Group CTO İsmail Duran, who manages the joint technology services and architectural infrastructure teams of six companies affiliated with Logo, said: “We use the technologies we have developed as a team in our restructuring processes aiming to increase the service quality and modernize the services offered in other group companies.

Our cooperation with Eclit came up in this context. In terms of architecture and infrastructure, we have invested in the Application PaaS concept since 2015. In the meantime, we were trying to complete the microservice transformation of Logo. We have developed nearly 28 microservices and completed the microservice conversion of ERP. Later, we made these services available to Turkey under our Logo İşbaşı brand, using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform based in Ireland. Also, we used AWS's Mumbai location as a service for India. Our biggest aim here was to benefit from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). When we started to restructure Logo's businesses due to the PDPL requirements, the 'as a service' concept was no longer in our lives. This was because the data centers in Turkey didn't have the service perspective we expected."

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What we need is to store documents

İsmail Duran stated that they needed expertise for Elasticsearch and MongoDB even though they used different databases while developing the e-invoice system created by Logo. He also added:

"The platform we developed and named as 'Ayna' (Mirror) was using Elasticsearch and MongoDB in the background to store data. At first, we tried to maintain the system by installing the MongoDB and Elasticsearch services ourselves. However, our main need here was ensuring our MongoDB databases and Elasticsearch services worked 24/7 with high performance and in a scalable way without any interruption or slowing down, and by being backed up every 15 minutes. Eclit offered us the ideal solution for this need on its Cloud."

Stating that they started to buy MongoDB and Elasticsearch as PaaS from Eclit, İsmail Duran added: “For us, the number of invoices we process per unit time is very important in terms of electronic invoices. Among the most important things in our customers' online marketplaces or stores are invoicing services, shipment and distribution of orders, and ensuring that the customer waiting in front of the cash register in the store receives their invoice as fast as possible. We need to serve our customers in the fastest way so that their customers can receive service as soon as possible. In this project, we have achieved a performance much better than we expected. We now have a seamless, very efficient and scalable system."

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400 invoices are processed per unit time

Mr. Duran emphasized that they process about 400 invoices in an average unit time thanks to this project, and he continued as follows: “Today, PayPal processes nearly 300 requests per second worldwide. Proportionally, the workload is quite high. The size of the databases we bought as Paas from Eclit Cloud is about 300 terabytes. In terms of size, we have quite large data. In order to comply with regulations, we have to store this data for 10 years. Besides, an average of 4 to 4.5 million new logs are being added to this system every day. Fourteen different operations are being carried out on it, and about 170 million requests are added to the database along with these operations."

Mr. İsmail Duran said that after succeeding in this project, they now aim to internalize and disseminate information throughout Logo, and make use of this data for other services related to Logo's service transformation. Mr. Duran also said: "Soon, we will be promoting Ayna, the abovementioned document container. In fact, Ayna is running even behind Logo. Billions of documents are kept together thanks to Ayna. We will now start providing document container service to our customers and we will do this in partnership with Eclit, of course. Due to PDPL, we need to keep our data in Turkey and we think this is the right thing to do. When it comes to Logo's internal processes, we keep our own contracts in another version of Ayna. We again use MongoDB and Elasticsearch, both of which are offered by Eclit as PaaS. We plan to expand the scope of our partnership with Eclit, and our negotiations are ongoing in this respect. We will move forward to keep the future databases we need in this layer as PaaS."

New project in January 2021

Stating that they use the service offered by Eclit especially for Logo's e-invoice, e-archive and e-dispatch tasks, Mr. İsmail Duran said: "Our customers, who use Logo's ERP and/or web services in sales or trade activities and for official records, also keep their invoices and waybills on this system. This translates into a wide range of services spanning from the shipping process to customer satisfaction at checkout. We aim to continue our cooperation in the field of document container services as of January."


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