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24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring to Provide Management and
Proactive Protection

IT teams have to manage dozens of different devices and systems as a whole.

Having a properly configured and capable monitoring system is indispensable for ensuring management efficiency. Furthermore, the monitoring application should also comply with international IT management practices such as the ITIL, be integrated with service desk applications and respond easily to new requests. To ensure uninterrupted IT services, we monitor all your critical IT systems 24/7 and provide instant notifications to help you take proactive actions.

What are the Benefits of Monitoring Services?

  • Runs 24/7, never sleeps or gets tired.
  • You can monitor your server, hypervisor, network devices, applications and even your business processes.
  • Integrates with applications such as instant messaging and/or call management applications.
  • You can set up an alarm structure according to different SLA values by SMS, e-mail and phone.
  • You can monitor LAN and Internet/WAN networks and collect information systematically.
  • You can make the right decisions on time and allow proactive work.
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What Does Monitoring Services Offer?

Anahtar performans göstergesi

Monitors your performance

It monitors the performance values of your system and network structure and checks them by comparing them with reference values, thus allowing for instant status controls.

IT profesyonel zamanlama

Make the right decisions at the right tim

You make the right interventions and investments in your IT systems by analyzing the systematically-collected data.

$ kayıplar

Prevents losses

Using the Eclit Monitoring Service, you can quickly detect possible risks of interruptions and save both time and money.

IT Performans kontrolü

Spend less time for controlling systems

With Eclit Monitoring Service, your qualified personnel can devote more time to other tasks, knowing that they will receive alerts when a problem arises. This will also bring a productivity boost for your organization.

IT güvenli sistem yönetimi

Have a secure system

Performance monitoring is critical. Conducting accurate system monitoring is one of the fundamental ways of preventing security breaches. Using the Eclit Monitoring Service, you can create instant alarms, analyze your past data and plan a secure system.

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