Microsoft Azure ve
Office 365 Services

A Complete, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cloud Platform
for Application Development, Operation and Management

Microsoft Azure, in its essence, is a public cloud computing platform that offers solutions such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), and which can be used for many services including analytics, virtual computing, storage, and networking. It can also be used to modify or reinforce your on-premises servers. With Microsoft Azure, you can develop and implement backup and disaster recovery, host and develop your web and mobile applications, and innovate with IoT solutions.

This service category covers the management services offered by Eclit for the server and various services used through the Microsoft Azure platform. Eclit, a Microsoft Gold partner, provides this service to all business partners who need Microsoft Office 365 Services.

What Does Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Services Offer?

Over 20 Years Experience

Eclit has an experience of more than 20 years in Microsoft products. If you need Azure and Office 365, you can easily benefit from Eclit's experience.

Real Solutions

You can use Microsoft Azure platform with different products offered by Eclit. Thus, you can easily access not only cloud services but also real solutions.

A Secure Infrastructure

You are safer in on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, or edge environments with the Microsoft Azure platform. With Eclit's support, you can create secure and future-ready cloud solutions on Azure.

Focus On Your Main Business

With the expert and experienced staff of Eclit, a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can take a step forward in the competition by lowering your IT team costs and focusing on your main business.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Services?

Eclit engineers make the most accurate planning in Microsoft Azure for you with their expertise in various technologies. Thus, you don't see surprises in your bills.

You can integrate Microsoft Azure cloud with Eclit cloud and even your company's system room or data center. Thus you have a truly hybrid cloud environment to maximize your productivity.

You can reinforce Azure with services such as Eclit monitoring to keep your business safe.

You can use it in combination with different products offered by Eclit. Thus, you don't just have cloud services, but also real solutions.



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Logo's E-transactions Accelerates with Eclit

With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure
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With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve
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