The future of logistics sector is shaped by technology

Logistics companies are ready for the digital transformation with Eclit

The link and cooperation between logistics and technology are getting stronger every day. Furthermore, new transportation methods are being introduced to meet the sector needs. Especially the digital logistics companies that entered the sector during the pandemic are taking the competition one step further and contributing to the technology transformation process in logistics.

Logistics is one of the areas where the significance of data security has increased. Eclit offers information technologies solutions to the most important players operating in different sectors such as distributors, port companies and national cargo companies. With a total experience of more than 20 years, we simplify the complexity of IT for you. Knowing that your infrastructures are safe thanks to our end-to-end solutions, you will be able to use your resources more efficiently. While our ready-to-use and reliable solutions bring you competitive advantages, we will be the strongest companion in your digital transformation journey.

Transportation technologies are developing further with each passing day and are easily keeping up with new types of transportation. Automation and cognitive technology, which has taken its place among transportation systems and technologies, has made logistics more professional and practical. With the solutions we offer to our customers operating in this field, we continue our efforts to ensure that they can focus on their business and obtain cost efficiency.

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Advantages of using Eclit:

  • Eclit works 24/7 without interruption, just like the logistics sector. With the Eclit technical support team working 24/7, you can get the technical support you need for your logistics businesses and for intervening in technical problems instantly.
  • Thanks to Eclit Cloud, you can get high-tech, fast and affordable solutions that run with zero problems.
  • Increase your productivity with quick solutions that meet your changing business needs.
  • Use Eclit Cloud to lower your costs, improve business continuity and comply with global standards.
  • Pay as you go. Do not invest in obsolete IT infrastructures and take advantage of Eclit Cloud's flexible structure instead.
  • Always use the latest technology with Eclit Cloud to respond to new requests from your customers in the fastest way possible.
  • Use Eclit's expertise in disaster recovery systems, supported by a powerful cloud infrastructure installed on different data centers to secure your organization and work without interruption.


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Take a step forward with the technology

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The future of logistics sector is shaped by technology

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With Eclit support, companies using Logo's infrastructure achieve
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