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Let Our Experts Manage Your Infrastructure 24/7 and Focus on Your Main Business

Today, organizations prefer to acquire and position the resources they need for their system infrastructures (CPU, memory, disk space) in a different way.

Some organizations buy their own hardware and host it in their own system rooms, while others keep their hardware in third-party data centers. Also, some prefer to rent servers, CPUs, memory, and storage from a service provider that offers private or shared resources. No matter which way you choose, proactive monitoring and management of these resources and the virtualization platform running on them are among the most critical tasks of IT departments.

Technological advancements and new ways of doing business create serious pressure and a lot of workloads for IT teams. In this regard, always-on IT infrastructures are becoming more important. Eclit offers the most appropriate solution for your organization with its Infrastructure Management Service and thus supports the uninterrupted and effortless operation of the IT infrastructure.

What Does Eclit Infrastructure Management Offer?

  • Hypervisor and virtual machine level service components
  • Hypervisor data storage configurations
  • 7/24 monitoring at hypervisor and virtual machine level
  • Virtual machine snapshots
  • Creating new virtual machines
  • Virtual machine template management
  • Virtual machine resource configurations
  • Virtualization platform license management
  • Virtual machine performance and resource use analysis
  • Managing calls to vendor for the virtualization platform
  • Solving possible problems on the virtualization platform
  • Hypervisor resource usage analysis
  • Virtual machine version management
  • Hypervisor network configurations
  • Virtualization platform alarm configurations
  • Cluster management
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What are the Advantages of Infrastructure Management?

Sunucu hizmeti

24/7 hardware-level monitoring of physical servers

Çağrı yönetimi

Management of calls to the manufacturer for physical server failures

IT bulut depolama

LUN creation on storage

IT depolama

Configuration of storage layering features

IT yazılmsal hata tespit hizmeti

Intervention/solution of hardware and software failures on the physical server as part of manufacturer's warranty

IT depolama ve kazanım

Storage recovery

Anahtar performans göstergesi

24/7 monitoring of storage health, performance and capacity

IT snapshat

Storage snapshots

IT Performans depolama

Storage performance and capacity analyses

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