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A Platform for Reducing Complexity in Database Management

Today, businesses are generating much more data than ever. It is critical to ensure that this information is easily accessible and safe against data breaches. However, it can be quite difficult to find, maintain, and ensure the efficiency of the resources needed to manage your database. Besides, it may be hard to keep up with the latest innovations, regulations and cybersecurity threats. In an environment with all this application plethora and chaos, routine and proactive maintenance is a must to ensure the operationality of all systems and prevent job cuts. In a dynamic business that changes, applications should always be kept up-to-date to help support new business needs.

What Does the Database Management Service Offer?

As part of Eclit's database management service, services such as cloud installation, scaling, ensuring business continuity, backup, and monitoring performance and capacity 24/7 are provided for databases such as MS SQL, MySQL and Mongo DB.

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What are the Benefits of Database Management?

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You can eliminate the operational burden of your database applications.

7/24 proaktif uygulama

All your applications are proactively monitored 24/7.

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Any possible issues are instantly intervened to prevent interruptions.

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You have the utmost control over your system thanks to the management manuals and operational booklets/manuals.

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Your applications are managed in compliance with ITIL practices and international standards such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.

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