5 Important Points to Consider Before Choosing A Managed Services Provider, Your New Companion

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Constantly evolving technologies and the full-speed progress of digital transformation change the way we do business. We have to be extremely agile and dynamic in information technology management to keep up with technological changes and digital transformation.

According to IDC's research, by 2022, 46% of all global gross domestic product (GDP) will consist of products and services offered by institutions that have successfully completed their digital transformation.

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Companies in almost every sector face a fundamental challenge in the face of digital transformation that gains momentum with the pandemic. Technology needs to be seamlessly integrated into business operations and decision-making processes to improve customer and employee experiences. In this new era of competition, the ability to leverage complex IT environments stands out as a critical success factor to achieve speed, agility, and scaling goals.

To keep up with these rapid changes, enterprises often use products and solutions from different companies and experience difficulties in managing complex IT infrastructures and processes. As a result, it can be very costly and time-consuming for companies to manage all their IT assets and processes with their own resources.

Compared to other solutions, a managed IT services approach offers benefits to all organizations through cost advantages. Because managed IT services help businesses make smart purchasing decisions on expenses such as disaster recovery and business continuity, backup, system management, and storage services, thus helping save on costs.

Before choosing a Managed Services Provider as your companion, conducting an initial maturity analysis and a total IT cost analysis IT would be beneficial. Besides, cost should not be the only factor to be considered when making a choice. The provider must be able to meet some vital needs. It should also be able to increase IT efficiency and productivity, as well as minimize interruption. In addition, it should be able to provide access to competent human resources at affordable costs and act flexibly.

So, what should you consider in particular when choosing your Managed Services Provider? We have identified 5 essential features to help businesses choose their Managed IT Services providers.

1. Services at International Standards

A Managed Services Provider that adopts standards like ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and ISO 20000-1 Information Technology Service Management System, and has an IT operating model that provides services in compliance with global standards will provide an effective service in terms of both cost and benefit.

A service provider that has these qualifications will also benefit from industry best practices when managing your IT resources. Compliance with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach in terms of IT service management is of particular importance because ITIL best practices cover problems, incidents, situations, changes, configuration, inventory, capacity and performance management, as well as reporting.

It will also provide a regular flow of information for your company's IT departments by conducting monthly SLA reports. Thus, necessary actions can be taken in a timely manner. Besides, you will be able to obtain all necessary standards and reporting for effective IT management from the provider without losing your own business focus. Having fulfilled all these critical requirements, you can focus on your own business processes with peace of mind.

2. Proactive Approach

A successful Managed Services Provider can provide fast and effective solutions to IT problems, as well as prevent problems with a proactive approach.

Providers that offer a properly configured managed IT services model provide companies with a hands-on approach to prevent technical problems that reduce their efficiency and cause them to lose time and money. This way, the most secure and efficient monitoring and operating model is created by preventing problems.

3. Extensive Solutions Portfolio

A provider that provides a flexible and cost-effective services portfolio for the company's needs and for various components at different IT layers will be an ideal business partner in many aspects.

A Managed IT Services Provider with a diverse portfolio of solutions can serve businesses in a broad spectrum ranging from IT security to backup and recovery, and from disaster recovery and business continuity to network performance and remote access support.

In this way, companies can accelerate service times for critical infrastructures, reduce their IT costs with more efficient operations, and automatically have the latest software and patch updates for their IT assets. In short and most importantly, IT systems work smoothly and efficiently without any disruption in any work process.

4. High-Level Data Security

In your IT environment, it is vital to ensure that your systems are protected against cyber threats while also adopting a beneficial and cost-effective management strategy. Companies also need to protect and update their systems by being always alert against the constant threat of malware that attacks IT infrastructures.

When you work with a Managed Service Provider that provides a high-quality and effective digital security solution, you can also protect your resources against cybercrimes that target your company.

Thanks to the managed IT services model which takes necessary measures on your behalf, you can prevent cyberattacks while ensuring continuity and efficiency in all your business processes with your IT systems running smoothly and at optimum speed.

5. Brand-Independent Support

IT infrastructures of enterprises are generally hybrid environments containing hardware, software, and solutions from different brands.

For this reason, service providers are also expected to have proven experience in working in hybrid environments covering numerous different technologies, products, and clouds. Additionally, they must also cooperate with other technology companies to be able to provide support about emerging technologies with forward-looking product development routes.

A service provider that can offer truly brand- and technology-independent support will help you plan, buy, manage and operate with multiple cloud models that can offer the most suitable options for your business.

Conclusion: Fast Digital Transformation and Effective IT Management with the Right Choice

Many businesses are turning to the cloud, mobile, and analytics technologies to accelerate their digital transformation. However, a highly diverse and complex hybrid IT environment is created during the planning and management of the process.

Combined with inflexible IT systems and increased management costs, this leads to blockages in processes. To avoid such complications in IT investments or to manage these hybrid environments better, the sooner you start working with a specialist provider, the better you will proceed in digital transformation.

By choosing a Managed IT Services partner that has the above-mentioned features, you get an IT management service that provides cost-efficiency and all-around comfort.

Besides, if you have busy on-premises processes, you can save a substantial amount of time thanks to your Managed Services Provider, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is managed properly and professionally. Thus, your IT teams can focus more on other tasks that will provide added value for your company.


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